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The Oliver 3-way promise is to provide the most comfortable, best performing and most durable footwear on the market today.

Oliver Footwear offers a range of specialty and safety footwear that is engineered for comfort and fit for purpose. Innovation and technology are at the forefront of development and design providing lightweight and flexible under-foot support that absorbs shock and impacts to help diminish lower back, leg and foot fatigue - especially when facing long hours or shifts at work.

Oliver Footwear is now part of Honeywell Safety Produits. For more information, or to place an order, Contact your local Personal Protection Equipment Distributor. For a list of Oliver distributors in your area, Contact Honeywell Customer Care at 800-777-9021.

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PORON XRD™ provides extreme impact protection when struck, but remains soft and flexible for extreme all day, worker comfort. Oliver utilizes PORON XRD in all of its metatarsalguard protective footwear

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