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Oliver Boot Technology

Oliver work boots bring their unique history of superior craftsmanship and experience in the most extreme working conditions to design the ultimate combination of rugged and comfortable. The boot cutaways allow an inside look as to how Oliver is one of the most comfortable and reliable boots on the market.

  1. 1. NANOlite Footbed

    The Oliver Comfort System has a unique NANOlite footbed for greater comfort and wellbeing. The gently raised surface of the sole massages your feet as you walk, promoting greater blood flow to help reduce fatigue. Plus, a perforated foam air control layer enhances air circulation, reducing odor.
  2. 2. COMFORTcushion Impact

    Absorption System Oliver’s unique COMFORTcushion uses a combination of cellular urethane and PORON ® Performance Cushioning technology to protect the heel and ball of the foot, providing superior cushioning and shock absorption at the heel. This constant impact absorption helps reduce foot, leg and lower back fatigue.
  3. 3. NATUREform Toe Cap

    Oliver NATUREform toe caps have a wide profile shape to suit your foot and are padded with a latex cushion liner to ensure toes are comfortable and not in contact with the cap.
  4. 4. XRD ® Metatarsal Guard
    Extreme Impact Protection*

    XRD ® technology is not only comfortable, flexible and lightweight but frees you of rigid, bulky and constricting stiffeners and weight of external metatarsal guards. On impact, the XRD ® high performance molecules create a unique protective shield that absorbs up to 90% of the most intense force – hit after hit – and exceeds ASTM F1614-11 testing standards.
  5. 5. Lace Locking Hardware

    Lace Locking Hardware allows laces to be tightened without strain. The locking device holds the lace in place as the remaining length of the laces are tightened to a custom fit. To release the lock, gently pull the laces forward and loosen the laces to easily remove the boot.
  6. 6. All-Terrain Dual Density
    Soling Technology

    All-Terrain Dual Density Soling Technology combines soft, shock-absorbing low density rubber for the midsole and high density, hard wearing rubber for the outsole.
  7. 7. Padded collar

    Padded collar and tongue provide excellent comfort and support for the wearer.